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A.N.S. Seafood

Our Mission

A.N.S. Seafood is committed to providing only the highest quality seafood available. We strive to be the benchmark for variety, quality and service, and set the standard as a seafood distributor and retailer.

Company History

A.N.S. Seafood has been an anchor in the seafood business for more than 35 years.  Surfacing on the New York seafood scene in 1978, A.N.S. quickly grew into a one-stop source for high quality seafood, servicing clients on the east coast from Maine to South Carolina.

Our Facilities

A.N.S. Seafood operates in a modern, temperature controlled facility located in Elmsford, New York.

From refrigerated processing, packing, and storage areas to our fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles our customer’s product is never exposed to adverse conditions that could compromise the product’s integrity.

A.N.S. Seafood's facilities strictly comply daily with all local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. Our facility is HACCP approved.

Multiple times daily, throughout our warehouse, we monitor Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices, Temperatures, and Quality Control.

A.N.S. Seafood’s modern, large on premise frozen storage facility expands our ability to offer many varieties of items from around the world to our clients.


A.N.S. Seafood
2 Williams Street
Elsmford, New York 10523
Phone: 914-592-9250
Fax: 914-592-9256

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